Health, Wellness and Pain Free Living

These are worthwhile goals to pursue because  they make life worth living.  A few years ago, the World Health Organization published a very practical definition of health which is paraphrased here,

A healthy state allows us to do the things we love while giving us the strength to fulfill our cherished roles as partner, husband, wife, father, mother, grandparent etc.  It also supports us in contributing to society in general.

While we all cherish good health, the pressures and challenges we face on a daily basis can cause us to lose our sense of balance. We may even begin to ignore our body’s distress signals.  Failure to heed these signals can lead to a gradual but persistent decline in health.  I know from personal and clinical experience that it can be challenging to maintain and nurture a healthy state of mind and body when under stress.

Signs of decline related to chronic stress may include:

  • chronic aches and pains
  • fatigue
  • failing posture with loss of alignment
  • sleep issues
  • cardiovasular disease
  • digestive problems
  • weight gain
  • loss of well-being

Maintaining and restoring health is a conscious choice and requires informed decision-making. We must also be willing to invest in ourselves–our time and resources–and be willing to make changes.

While the experience of health is unique to each person, it can always be improved. We must choose health, for ourselves and our loved ones.   It is my mission to cheer you on in this worthwhile endeavor, to affirm to you that great health is possible!

In addition to the pages on this site that describe the services available at my clinic, I hope you will find the information posted in the blogs useful as well.  Since I am utterly intrigued by the human experience and the amazing research that is coming to light, I look forward to endless discussions, from a holistic point of view, which I trust will enrich your appreciation of the complex and multifaceted experience we call health.

Good health to you!


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